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How to Organize Your Shop

Starting A Union At Your Workplace




Steps To Start Your Union 

Step 1: Start conversations with your co-workers.

  • A union is when workers band together to improve their working conditions. Talk to your coworkers about wages, benefits and working conditions to see if they want to improve them.

Step 2: Reach out and speak with a Local 29 Organizer

  • We are here to serve and assist you and your coworkers. From learning how to start a union to better understanding all the steps involved in negotiating a contract, we want to see you succeed.

Step 3: Get your shop leaders together

  • At this point you and your coworkers will build an organizing committee. There should be a group of leaders at your workplace who feel strongest about the need to organize. Your committee will then work together to get more coworkers involved with the effort to win a union contract.

Step 4: Know and Understand your rights to organize

  • Often companies try to discourage employees from starting a union. Don’t worry, it is your right, protected by federal labor law, to start a union. You have the right to talk to your coworkers about starting a union and about workplace conditions, including pay. 35 Things Your Employer Cannot Do!

Step 5: Sign union support cards

  • Once a majority of your coworkers agree on the need to have a union, you will sign support cards. These cards declare that you want to start a union and have Sheet Metal Workers' Local 29 as your partner at work to help negotiate better wages, benefits and working conditions.

Step 6: VOTE!

  • When a majority of your coworkers have signed union support cards, they are submitted to the National Labor Relations Board to request a union election. If a majority of your coworkers vote YES at your election, your employer now has to recognize your union and bargain with you, your coworkers, and Sheet Metal Workers' Local 29.

Step 7: Negotiate YOUR contract!

  • Congratulations! It’s time to get the benefits you deserve! A Sheet Metal Workers' Local 29 negotiating team will begin working with you and your coworkers to negotiate your first union contract. You and your coworkers will have the opportunity to vote on the contract before it is finalized to ensure it has the benefits and value you deserve.

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